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2014 proved a breakthrough year for this London quartet, following the release of their hugely acclaimed Creature Songs EP. Sold out headline shows throughout the country, and packed festival slots at Glastonbury, Reading / Leeds and Bestival, amongst many other festival appearances, all culminating in the band being named on the long list for the BBC Sound of 2015 and winning Best Breakthrough Artist at the recent UK Festival Awards. Go team!

And they show no signs of taking their feet off the pedal in 2015. With a breathtaking start to the year, they’ve experienced sold-out tours across North America, Europe and the UK and are now set to follow the summer’s festival season with their biggest tour to date this September. With their debut full length album My Love is Cool due out in June, they’ve come a long way for a band with only a few EPs under their belts. We figured it was about time we found out a little more about Wolf Alice. Luckily the wonderful Ellie Roswell managed to find a few moments to speak to us in the middle of this whirlwind of success about how excited she was about hitting the USA, Europe and this next run of UK shows…

You recently took your first trip to the magical land down under, how was that?

It was amazing. It was our first time over there and despite a horrific journey it was amazing. Good crowds, good weather, it was lovely.

And you’re literally just about to fly over to the USA for a few headline shows, are you excited about that?

Yeah I’m so excited. It will be our first headline shows in America and our first time in LA and New York. I don’t really know what to expect but it should be a nice surprise hopefully.

Have you played in the US before?

Well we played SXSW Festival last year and that’s as far as it goes.

How did the European dates with Alt-J come about?

We have the same management and they were playing a show in Paris where their supports dropped out so our manager asked us to fill in. So we drove down there and they were really nice guys and we got talking to them, they really enjoyed our show and we really enjoyed theirs and they asked us to come out on tour with them.

Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to playing out there?

Yeah, everywhere really. I love Paris. I love Berlin and there’s loads of places I’ve never been before that I’m excited to see like Vienna and Oslo and places like that.

Sounds busy, do you ever stop touring?

Apparently not! This is a new thing for us. We’re used to doing long tours but having long breaks in between them so God knows how we’ll survive but I think it’s a good thing and probably a good sign.

Do you feel differently about headline shows than support slots?

Yeah of course, there’s way more pressure to deliver at your own shows because people have paid money and taken the time to come and see YOU. If they don’t like you in a support slot they’ve not really lost out because they’ve still got the band they came to see left to see. If you suck as the headline band then you’re in for it really!

And you’re just about to release your debut album – how’s that going?

Good. Pretty nerve-wracking but it’s sounding good and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.

Can we expect a mixture of new songs and songs we’ve already heard?

I think some people will have heard songs if they’ve seen us live and there’s a few songs that people will definitely know but I’d say 90% is new material.

Your EP Creature Songs was a bit of a smash hit last year, in fact the whole of last year was a bit of a smash hit for you – what was your particular highlight?

It feels like a long time ago so it’s good to get some new music out as soon as possible. I’ve really enjoyed being in the studio both times, especially recording Creature Songs as we were in Brussels and it was our first experience going away and recording music. I liked going to America and SXSW and really all the festivals were great.

You got to play some amazing festivals too, what was your favourite and are there any you’re particularly gunning for this year?

I’d like to play all the American festivals like Coachella, they all seem cool. Last year we really enjoyed playing Benacassim because it was hot, and it was night time and there was a big crowd which was kind of unexpected as we’d had a really gruelling journey. But obviously it was incredible to play Reading/Leeds and Glastonbury and all the big ones as well.

What’s it like being the girl in a van full of boys?

It’s alright! It’s not really a thing. It’s never nice to do long, massive journeys. Last year we drove from Berlin to Manchester and it was my birthday and it was about 40 degrees and I was like, this is NOT how I want to spend my birthday….but then you get off and do a show and it’s all worth it. But I don’t really care that they’re boys, they’re nice boys!

For those that might not have had the pleasure of seeing you live yet, what can we expect from your shows?

You can expect lots of energy, lots of fun and a mixture of moods. Some emotional, some y’know, stupid. I’m excited to see what it’s like myself to be honest! We’re learning new songs at the moment so y’know, it might be shit……but at least then you get a good laugh haha!

Catch them live @ O2 Guildhall Southampton – 23 September 2015

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